Teacup Pot Belly Pigs

Suri Alpacas are the rarest Alpaca type in the wild, around the world in captivity and especially here in the states! They are the most handsome, their coat is long and luxurious, not short and wooly like a sheep; more "Rastafarian" like! 

All of our Alpacas that are for sale were born on our own family farm! We have been very successfully breeding and raising Alpacas for years. All of our Alpacas are on the small size - some call them "minis" 

Our alpacas are handled daily and are, if not already, halter trained and tame then they can be readily and very easily. 

The Suri fiber commands the highest prices on the open market; making these Alpacas not only fun but potentially profitable! 

Please research the HUGE tax benefits of owning Alpacas!!!

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