Teacup Pot Belly Pigs

We are a family farm in the Tampa/Brandon/Plant City area of Florida 

We breed for health, size and color of both skin/fur and eyes; only true "TEACUP, Mini/Micro" Pixie, Nano, Juliana, Royal (whatever you want to call them) Pot Belly Pigs and have been very successfully for years! Don't be misled by all of the nonsense - our pigs will stay small - at or below a normal person’s knee! There is a huge difference between a regular "good ole" pot belly pig and one of our pigs! A regular pot belly will get to be about hip tall on a person. Weight will vary depending on the amount and type of foods fed to them. All of our breeders or "parents" if you will are here on the farm and all have been raised by us - so you can come and see them all or we can send you pictures of them! All of our breeders are full grown meaning they are more than 5 years old. 

Our TPBPs make great pets: pot bellies are: smart, easy to train, can be kept both in and outside, do not get fleas, are hypoallergenic, clean, do not shed much if at all, they can be litter box trained (although don't use cat litter, as they tend to try and eat it, use potty pads) like a cat, and are easier than a dog to be trained to go to the door to be let out, just like any other pet, they can be taught tricks and are fun to be around and loving! They have been known to snuggle or "burrow" right up with people. 

Our breeders are on the larger side of the size spectrum, but still at or below the knee, as they live fully outside in the elements and are fully hormonal creating the environment for absolute full growth potential and we have 5 year olds who are a little bigger than a cinder block! 

All of our piglets come with an info sheet and some feed to get you started and we are always available to answer any and all questions - we are farmers so we should know! 

Thank you and we look forward to earning your business! 

Shipping is available; however, it is an additional cost: requires you calling an airlines' cargo department for info on cost of a ticket & exact requirements (like Vet travel documents, etc) to fly a small crated live animal from any airline (typically Delta or Continental air cargo)from either Tampa or Orlando, FL Airports to your home airport (usually between $200-$400) + cost of a crate @$60, a vet visit (for travel papers) @$100 - all of these costs will be actual costs - this could save you potentially THOUSANDS of dollars over those breeders that "include" these costs in their prices!

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